Meet Dr. June Murakaru

Smiling giraffe, cackling hyenas, and of course, the majestic African elephant were just a few of Dr. June’s childhood neighbors growing up in Kenya’s coastal lowland of Mombasa. Dr. June was born in Mombasa and grew up a farmgirl near the Shimba Hills National Reserve, home to one of Earth’s last remaining coastal rainforests.


Raised by teachers who instilled the value of education, Dr. June left for the United States at age 19 to pursue her studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. During college Dr. June worked as a dental assistant and nanny. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in biology.


After college, Dr. June earned her DMD at Georgia Regents University (formerly the Medical College of Georgia) and later pursued a specialty in Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. June’s residency specialized in oral health care for infants and children through adolescence. Her rotations at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta focused exclusively on medically compromised patients, including infants and children with cleft lip/palette and life-threatening illnesses. As Chief Resident in Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. June founded a chapter of the Students United for American Tooth Fairy (SUAT).


Dr. June is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association. She is a passionate advocate for preventative dentistry techniques for children 0-5 years old with infant education programs for new parents, daycare providers and at pre-K and elementary schools.


She loves to spend time with her family gardening, volunteering, watching movies and listening to the sweet sounds of the ocean.

we are
Our Pediatric Dentistry Office

 Our mission is to deliver the best possible dental care for infants, children, teens and kids with special healthcare needs.


Our kids dental office has the latest state-of-the-art equipment to make sure your child has access to everything he or she needs at their visits.  We constantly evaluate our materials and keep current with new technologies to make sure you have the best options available.


We pride ourselves in practicing ethically and honestly, always taking the time to explain our findings.  We always consider all appropriate treatment options and try to present the most conservative plans, when possible.  It is important for us to be helpful to our patients and answer any questions you might have regarding your child’s dental care.


Starting early with prevention and good habits will help build a life-long smile and relationship with your pediatric dentist.

Thank you for trusting us with one of the most joyful gifts a child has to offer, their smile!

We are committed to recommending

and providing the best treatment options

for your child.




Monday thru Friday  8am - 5pm

For after hour hours emergencies,
please call 843-771-2003
and leave a message we will get back to you immediately.

We offer after school appointments

as well as Saturdays by appointment.


During appointments we ask that other siblings remain in the waiting area under adult supervision.


Cell phones can be a tremendous distraction so we politely ask that you keep your cell phones off or in airplane mode. If you must take a call, we ask that you answer the phone outside the treatment and exam areas.


Pictures and camera phones are a great way to document your child’s first dental experience. However, there are times when this activity may not be appropriate. Please be courteous to other patients, parents and team members, and ask before taking pictures or filming in our office.


To help keep our office neat and clean for us all, no food or drinks are allowed.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation !!




Our office attempts to schedule appointments at your convenience and when time is available.  Preschool children should be seen in the morning because they are fresher and we can work more slowly with the child for their comfort.  School aged children for routine visits can be scheduled throughout the day.




We require a 48 hour cancellation notice


Payment for professional services is due at the time dental treatment is provided.  This includes deductibles  and co-insurance. We accept cash, personal checks, and most major credit cards. We also take Care Credit.


For patients that require dental treatment, we compile a treatment plan. Our treatment coordinator will review the recommended treatment and the estimation of your dental insurance reimbursement.


Every effort will be made to provide a treatment plan which fits your timetable and budget, and gives your child

the best possible care.

Our Hours Scheduling Appointments Policies and Finances
Smiles are contagious.
First Visit

Easing Your Child’s Fears

We know a visit to the dentist can be frightening for some children – especially a first visit – but we hope to avoid and conquer most dental fears. Sometimes it is normal for a child to cry at the dentist, especially if it is new experience. If this happens, please do not be disappointed in your child, yourself, or us – we will simply respond with care and praise.


What to Expect at the First Visit

At your child’s first visit, we will review your child’s medical history. Please read your Welcome Letter and bring your child's completed Patient History, Financial Policy and Privacy Statement. We will examine your child’s teeth and determine if x-rays and/or a cleaning is indicated. If any further treatment is necessary such as fillings or sealants, this will occur at a follow-up visit.


The Parents’ Role

You are invited and encouraged to accompany your child to their cleaning and “check-up” appointment. This allows you to meet the doctor and clinical staff, ask questions and learn which oral hygiene techniques your child might need to work on. This allows your child to establish an uninterrupted relationship with the doctor and staff and allows them to gain confidence during dental treatment.

We love Pediatric Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. June is a Pediatric Dental Specialist.


A pediatric dentist is a general dentist who has received an extra two years of training in school and at a children’s hospital residency. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. June is highly qualified to treat your children’s beautiful smiles. As a pediatric dental specialist, our practice is limited to infants, toddlers, adolescents as well as those with special healthcare needs.


Everyone at Knightsville Pediatric Dentistry uses a lot of positive reinforcement and child friendly descriptions to help your child feel at ease during their dental procedure. We make recommendations depending on the child’s age, ability to cooperate, and amount of treatment needed. The treatments provided take the dental needs and behavioral aspects into consideration.

Learn more about pediatric dental topics:

Establishing your Child's Dental Home


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry encourages parents and other care providers to help every child establish a dental home by 12 months of age. Establishing a dental home provides some key components to dental care for your child including...


Comprehensive oral health care including acute care and preventive services.


Individualized preventive dental health program based upon a caries-risk assessment.


Anticipatory guidance regarding growth and development.


Plan for acute dental trauma (emergencies).


Dietary counseling.


Referrals to dental specialists when care cannot directly be provided within the dental home.


Referral at an age determined by patient, parent, and pediatric dentist.



We are excited about what they are saying...
We teach healthy habits.
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